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20th December 2016

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Back issues of Socialist Lawyer are only available in PDF form. Each of these includes an editorial, as well as other articles where noted.
Issue 67 with obituary for Tony Benn
Issue 65
Issue 63
Issue 61
Issue 59
Issue 58
Issue 57 with an article on the killing of Ian Tomlinson
Issue 55
Issue 54
Issue 53
Issue 52
Issue 51 with articles introducing Haldane’s new Vice-President and on housing law
Issue 49 with an article on protests by lawyers in Pakistan
Issue 48
Issue 47
Issue 46
Issue 45

Articles in Red Pepper magazine.

Liz Davies is a Labour Party activist and housing rights barrister. Member of Southampton Test CLP and Unite the Union. Previously secretary for Hackney North CLP (2017–2018). Co-author Housing Allocation and Homelessness law and practice (Luba, Davies, Johnston and Buchanan, 2018, LexisNexis) and Honorary Vice-President of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. Her professional profile is here. She cannot respond to queries about legal cases through this website.

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